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Project Description
If you want to quickly test a database connection this is it.
You can also use this to quickly execute sql command and see the output in a grid.
Provides exception information to help troubleshoot connection issues.
Works from .NET 2.0 onwards

To use the application just download the file unzip it to a folder run the WinForms client DbAccessTester.exe


To check connection to the database using your windows credentials, enter your server name and Db name and hit Check connection button,
To check sql command do the above steps and also enter your sql command in the text box on the right and hit Go button
To check connection with a sql server authentication enter the required values inside UID and PWD

To check a connection string that you already have handy, from the Action menu Input connection string (alternatively just press ALT + I)
Then copy the connection string into the Connection String box, perform he same same steps as above to check the connection or Sql command.

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